Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mothers Day Present Idea's

Hey guys! I know its quite late for a Mothers day post seeing as it is on Sunday but you might be a last minute shopper like me so thought I would take you through what I have bought my mum for mothers day! I love my mum to bits and every year she always tells me and my sisters not to get her anything but of course we always do! She's always very busy and gets tired so I thought I would do her a sort of 'pamper bag', in it I've included bits and bobs that she's said she wanted but never got.

I'll now take you through everything I got her! 

So the first two things are both Soap and Glory, I got her 'Hand Food' (£5.00) and 'Heel Genius' (£5.50). She's on her feet most of the day and she's always moving stuff about with her hands or washing up so she gets painful hands and feet. So I thought these would be great for her, now this is embarrassing to say but she does like me to give her foot rubs, hand massages and facials so I thought I could do that for her on Mothers day using these products (I'm such a lovely daughter :P)

The next lot of photos weren't taken by me because I have ordered these products but they haven't arrived yet. I've noticed that she doesn't really have many nice body washes or lotions for when she has a bath or shower. So I thought I would get her some, these are from superdrug and were both £2.05, I didn't think she would like the more sweeter/kiddy scents and I did want to get her the lemon or mango one but they were out of stock so I chose these ones!

I also got her two MUA nail polishes, I remember her buying one a while ago and telling me how she loved the colours and liked how fast they dried. The blue one is shade 1 and the bronzey one is shade 7, she's obviously a more mature lady so I didn't want to get her any really bright colours! These are £1 each.

The other day she mentioned how she really wanted to wear blusher but it doesn't suit her because she has got more of an oily face so I thought I would get her a peachy cream blusher as the texture of it would blend in a lot better with the rest of her face. This is the 'Gosh Natural Touch Cream Blusher in 004 Silky Rose' and it was £4. And finally she has been using my Herbal Essences smooth and soft intensive mask, so I thought I would get her one of her own as I know she loves it, this was £3.99

I was planning on getting her a lot more but my wages hasn't gone in! So hopefully I'll pick her up a few more bits tomorrow! When buying a mothers day present try and think about what she actually wants, has she mentioned anything that she wants to you over the past couple of months? Just think about what she'll like and appreciate! :)

Hope you enjoyed this, bye my lovelies! 


  1. Such lovely presents! Your mums in for a treat ;D

  2. That's some great ideas! Thanks for the suggestions.

    Thankfully Mothers Day is a few weeks away in Aus :)

    xoxo lusted


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