Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get those Scandal Eyes!


   Hellooo guys! I have a mascara review for you today! So I have recently been using the Rimmel Scandel Eyes Retro Glam and I thought I would share with you how much I love it!

  First off I want to mention the consistency because it is a little bit more watery than the average mascara which can be a bit annoying when applying it. You know what I'm taking about - the dreaded, mascara to eyeshadow transfer! But as long as you're careful it doesn't tend to be that much of a problem. The brush as you can see is quite unusual, I've never actually used a brush shaped like this (although there are probably tonnes out there) and it does take a bit of getting used to when you've used regular brushes for a long time. I find it does an amazing job on the inner corner lashes and towards the middle but it's a little harder to work with on the outer lashes! 

  As I am writing this I'm beginning to feel like I'm picking the faults out way too much...I tend to do that when I love something? Don't ask me why! Nonetheless I do honestly love it! My eyelashes have always been long but recently they've thinned out a little bit and lost some length but this mascara really brings back the length! When applied it doesn't feel clumpy or thick or that general horrible feeling when you're using a bad mascara. Big, long, thick lashes. LOVE. 

                  Have any of you guys tried this mascara? What do you think of it? 


Walking in a winter wonderland...

So I recently acquired some new nail polishes from the clothes show and I was in the mood to come up with some new combinations, as I haven't gone glittery and over the top with my nails for ages! For my base colour I used Barry M Silver (288), I had hoped that this would apply like liquid silver, however it didn't. It took about three coats to build up a nice silver. Then on top I applied Models Own Show Stopper 2 (clothes show edition), which I'm in love with. Its got a really strong smell to it, it reminds me of petrol/varnish...might not appeal to a lot of people..but I could have sat and smelt it for days! Don't know why that's important, just thought i'd let you know! I applied two coats of this just so it was nice and even. And I personally think it looks lovely, in the daylight it look exactly like the last photo, very sparkly! 

Definitely want to try more models own glitter polishes, which are your favorites?


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