Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Do I Want In My Winter Wardrobe?

So if you're living in England then you can probably tell that it's getting a tad bit chilly lately! So you're probably planning what new items you're going to add to your winter wardrobe. In this blog post i am going to show you all the items from various shops that i want to purchase for winter! 

So you're probably thinking...Holy crap, why would you wear that in winter! But I've noticed lately that there are a few bright chunky knit jumpers dotted around a few shops, and i think it might become a winter trend. I have to say that I do genuinely love this jumper! This probably isn't the exact one i would buy, but I would like a pink one! This one is from Topshop and retails for £40.00.

Again! I doubt these are going to be everyones cup of tea! But i adoreeee them! These probably wont be a major winter fashion but i think they are just adorable! And ya know what! I might even wear them with a bright jumper! :L These are again from Topshop and are priced at £60

   I noticed these whilst 'flicking' through a magazine on my phone! Now if you havent already noticed then all the things i have picked so far are a bit 'out there', i do apologise! But they are all just so amazing! Now, leopard print seems to be some what coming back into fashion again, along with snake skin. Now i'm not really one for leopard print, but i'm absolutely in love with these! These are from ALDO and retail at £65, now i think £65 for a pair of shoes that wont really 'go' with a lot of clothing items is a bit steep! So i'm going to try and find these some where else for a cheaper price :D 

Now this next item is a chunky knit skirt. This one is from New Look and retails at £17.99, if i were to get a knit skirt then i would purchase it from primark, i noticed one in there the other day. It was beige (which i prefer) and a lot cheaper (about £6, i think). If i were to wear this skirt then i might do a bit of a 'double denim' except with knit items obviously, so i would probably wear it with a baggy jumper in a different colour.

Now shorts in winter? Am i mental? ...Yes! :L As long as you wear shorts with a pair of thick tights then there is nothing wrong with wearing them! I would also recommend wearing some cute socks (just like in the picture) along with some boots and an over sized knit jumper. These shorts are £19.99 from new look, but again if you're looking for a cheaper option then go to primark!

Now this dress is from New Look and costs £21.99, i actually tried this on whilst shopping the other day! I must say it looked lovely on and i am really regretting not getting it! But i will most likely be going back to purchase it! Again i would wearing this with some thick black tights (which would give a great contrast) and a chunky cardigan to make it look more casual. 

A winter coat or jacket is essential. Lately the quilted jackets have been all the rage. I have one myself and i must say its actually very comfy and does keep you warm. I would probably pair this with something like the shorts above and some diamond stripped socks (not sure what they are actually called!). This jacket is £50 from river island.

The block colour satchel type bags seem to be getting popular lately too. They have TONS of these in primark for a good price and i will definitely be purchasing one from there, although the one above is from river island and costs £40... 

Now these are just a few select items that i have come across and chose but believe me i could go on all day! Most of the items i have picked are a complete mish mash! And some people probably wouldn't dream of wearing any of them! But as long as you pair them with the right things they can look pretty good! 

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