Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nail Rock: Nail Wraps Tutorial!

So in the November Glossy box I received the Nail Rock - Nails Wraps in Leopard print. I decided to try them and see if I could do them, so in this post I am going to talk you through what I did :)

So this is everything that came in the little packet. It came with the wraps themselves and a little instruction leaflet which also showed what other nail wraps you can get.

So the first thing I did was see what nail wrap would fit my little finger the best and I stuck it on and made sure it was firmly pressed down and that there were no air bubbles (do the same for all other nails).

Then I got the hair dryer at the ready and blow dried the nail for about 5 seconds.

You know the nail is done when the wrap starts to bend as shown in the picture above and starts to become more flimsy. Once you have blow dried it, press the wrap down again just to make sure all the glue has stuck to the nail. Then trim the wrap down to the tip of the nail and file all the excess off with a nail file (make sure you file downwards and not upwards).

This is what one of my nails looked like after I had completed those steps.

This is what they looked like when completed, do excuse my manly looking hands :L

I then applied a thin layer around the edge (tip) of my nail just to try and secure the edge of the wrap a bit more so it doesn't peel off. 

Once I got the hang of it I thought the whole application of the nail wraps was fairly simple and quite enjoyable. They are said to last 7 days on the finger nails and 8 weeks on the toenails, as of yet I don't know how long they are going to last for me, but I do hope they last as long as promised. Overall I really love these wraps, they are easily applied and they look absolutely amazing and I will definitely be purchasing more patterns.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Review: Benefit Triple Performing Moisturising Facial Emulsion

So I recently purchased the Benefit Triple Performing Moisturising Facial Emulsion and I thought I would do a review on it! I've been using it for about a week and a half now, morning and night. Guess what? ...I absolutely love it! I find that it is moisturising but doesn't leave an annoying oily residue like other moisturisers do, it makes the skin feel soft and fresh looking (almost dewy). It also has SPF15 which is always good as protection from the sun is always needed!

I use a small pump, I don't go all the way down to the bottom, in fact I barely press the pump at all as I find that less than a pea size amount is more than enough. I focus it on my nose, chin and forehead as lately I've found that I've been getting quite dry there (which is weird for me), then I spread the excess on my cheeks.

This product retails for £19.50, I usually wouldn't spend this much on a moisturiser because firstly I don't really like to moisturise as I find it can break me out and secondly that is a lot of money to spend on a skin care product. I mainly bought it because the woman on the Benefit counter was VERY persuasive, but believe me I'm glad she was because I really do adore it! This has to be the one moisturiser that hasn't broke me out, my skin usually reacts badly to moisturisers and I end up with huge pores but I have only got one or two spots with this one (I usually get more than that in a couple of days alone). 

Finally, the packaging! I love the shape, style and quality of the bottle, I think its one of the prettiest moisturisers I've ever had! Although saying that, I'm not too keen on the cork style top, that has to be the only bad thing I can think about it! Pathetic, right? You get 50.3ml in the bottle, I think that is a fair amount as I've had other moisturisers with the same amount that haven't been anywhere near as good!

Overall I would definitely recommend this product, I think its absolutely brilliant and I don't think I will ever be going back to regular moisturisers!

Sunday, December 04, 2011


So its nearly Christmas and i thought i would do a Christmasy blog post considering i haven't done one in so long! So yesterday we went out and we got our tree and decorations! This year we got a real Christmas tree with some persuasion from myself! This is the first year that we've had a real one (well since i was born), we usually get white or black fake ones because my mum likes it to match with the living room :L 

I also took the liberty of decorating my room this year, i never usually decorate it but I'm feeling really Christmasy this year for some reason! So i bought a little white tree and some decorations for my room.

So this is the little Christmas tree that's in my bedroom. I got it from Homebase, it was either £9.99 or £12.99 i can't remember, it came with the tree, lights, some pink, green and blue ball balls and a star. I added the tinsel and some other ball balls. Like I said I've never had a tree in my room before so I'm just a little bit in love with it :L

I just put some tinsel above my bed. Nothing too special there! :L

I decorated my desk with some tinsel, I just sellotaped it around the edge. I also have a cute little ball ball mini Christmas tree thing? :L Oh and I also have a nice candle burning to make me feel more festive :P

This is my little ball ball mini Christmas tree thing :L It is SOOO gaudy and i had to have it :L It was again from Homebase and was either £7.99 or £9.99, god I'm terrible with prices! I just think its so cute and is a nice little piece of cuteness to have on my desk :)

Then onto the living room! We have two lights on one wall so we hung one of these on each of them. They aren't something we would usually go for, i though my mum would think they are tacky but she seemed to love the idea of having them. I think they were £2.99 each from Homebase again.

Then we just have this ball ball type wreath hung up on the back window. I think this is really cute and its the same kind of style that my little desk tree is. I think it was £9.99 and again was from Homebase.

And finally our Christmas tree!! Like i said we got a real one this year, and believe me I made sure we got the fattest one there! :L First off we went to this place dedicated to Christmas tree's but they were all really tall and mum was worried we wouldn't be able to fit it in the car :L So we then went to Homebase to get all the decorations and got a tree from there in the end! And it did fit in the car! 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Do I Want In My Winter Wardrobe?

So if you're living in England then you can probably tell that it's getting a tad bit chilly lately! So you're probably planning what new items you're going to add to your winter wardrobe. In this blog post i am going to show you all the items from various shops that i want to purchase for winter! 

So you're probably thinking...Holy crap, why would you wear that in winter! But I've noticed lately that there are a few bright chunky knit jumpers dotted around a few shops, and i think it might become a winter trend. I have to say that I do genuinely love this jumper! This probably isn't the exact one i would buy, but I would like a pink one! This one is from Topshop and retails for £40.00.

Again! I doubt these are going to be everyones cup of tea! But i adoreeee them! These probably wont be a major winter fashion but i think they are just adorable! And ya know what! I might even wear them with a bright jumper! :L These are again from Topshop and are priced at £60

   I noticed these whilst 'flicking' through a magazine on my phone! Now if you havent already noticed then all the things i have picked so far are a bit 'out there', i do apologise! But they are all just so amazing! Now, leopard print seems to be some what coming back into fashion again, along with snake skin. Now i'm not really one for leopard print, but i'm absolutely in love with these! These are from ALDO and retail at £65, now i think £65 for a pair of shoes that wont really 'go' with a lot of clothing items is a bit steep! So i'm going to try and find these some where else for a cheaper price :D 

Now this next item is a chunky knit skirt. This one is from New Look and retails at £17.99, if i were to get a knit skirt then i would purchase it from primark, i noticed one in there the other day. It was beige (which i prefer) and a lot cheaper (about £6, i think). If i were to wear this skirt then i might do a bit of a 'double denim' except with knit items obviously, so i would probably wear it with a baggy jumper in a different colour.

Now shorts in winter? Am i mental? ...Yes! :L As long as you wear shorts with a pair of thick tights then there is nothing wrong with wearing them! I would also recommend wearing some cute socks (just like in the picture) along with some boots and an over sized knit jumper. These shorts are £19.99 from new look, but again if you're looking for a cheaper option then go to primark!

Now this dress is from New Look and costs £21.99, i actually tried this on whilst shopping the other day! I must say it looked lovely on and i am really regretting not getting it! But i will most likely be going back to purchase it! Again i would wearing this with some thick black tights (which would give a great contrast) and a chunky cardigan to make it look more casual. 

A winter coat or jacket is essential. Lately the quilted jackets have been all the rage. I have one myself and i must say its actually very comfy and does keep you warm. I would probably pair this with something like the shorts above and some diamond stripped socks (not sure what they are actually called!). This jacket is £50 from river island.

The block colour satchel type bags seem to be getting popular lately too. They have TONS of these in primark for a good price and i will definitely be purchasing one from there, although the one above is from river island and costs £40... 

Now these are just a few select items that i have come across and chose but believe me i could go on all day! Most of the items i have picked are a complete mish mash! And some people probably wouldn't dream of wearing any of them! But as long as you pair them with the right things they can look pretty good! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

OOTD. First day back at college!

So it was my first day back at college today and it was great! It was so lovely to see all my friends again, didn't realise how much i missed the banter!
    This might sound bizarre but im actually excited to get some work done. I kind of blagged last year so i really need to try this year so i can go to uni next year! :S 
    SO MOVING is the outfit i wore! I didn't really go all out, which is weird for me! But it was 7AM and i was bloody knackered so i couldn't really be bothered! But the outfit i wear tomorrow should be a LOT better :D 

I just wore a plain white top and tucked it into the trousers
I also wore a floral belt that came with the jeans.
The trousers were from new look i think they were about £25

This is an side view of what i was wearing
Over view
Overview of everything including the bag.

I wore plain brown loafers :)

I also wore a creamy white cardigan with brown/black flecks of wool in it. It was from new look a long time ago. 

I used my brown canvas bag that i will probably use all through college.

Overview of the pattern

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My New Blog!

Hey everyone!! 

So if you're reading this then i love you veryyy much! 
I have created a blog (obviously), i will be doing reviews of products, pictures of things ive bought lately, maybe tutorials and fun things like that! I would love you even more if you could follow it, by doing this you will be notified new posts i have done (kind of like YouTube).

If you haven't seen my YouTube yet then it is: 'TeenerDreamer08' :) So go subscribe if you want to :)

Byeeee :D <3

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