Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get those Scandal Eyes!


   Hellooo guys! I have a mascara review for you today! So I have recently been using the Rimmel Scandel Eyes Retro Glam and I thought I would share with you how much I love it!

  First off I want to mention the consistency because it is a little bit more watery than the average mascara which can be a bit annoying when applying it. You know what I'm taking about - the dreaded, mascara to eyeshadow transfer! But as long as you're careful it doesn't tend to be that much of a problem. The brush as you can see is quite unusual, I've never actually used a brush shaped like this (although there are probably tonnes out there) and it does take a bit of getting used to when you've used regular brushes for a long time. I find it does an amazing job on the inner corner lashes and towards the middle but it's a little harder to work with on the outer lashes! 

  As I am writing this I'm beginning to feel like I'm picking the faults out way too much...I tend to do that when I love something? Don't ask me why! Nonetheless I do honestly love it! My eyelashes have always been long but recently they've thinned out a little bit and lost some length but this mascara really brings back the length! When applied it doesn't feel clumpy or thick or that general horrible feeling when you're using a bad mascara. Big, long, thick lashes. LOVE. 

                  Have any of you guys tried this mascara? What do you think of it? 


Walking in a winter wonderland...

So I recently acquired some new nail polishes from the clothes show and I was in the mood to come up with some new combinations, as I haven't gone glittery and over the top with my nails for ages! For my base colour I used Barry M Silver (288), I had hoped that this would apply like liquid silver, however it didn't. It took about three coats to build up a nice silver. Then on top I applied Models Own Show Stopper 2 (clothes show edition), which I'm in love with. Its got a really strong smell to it, it reminds me of petrol/varnish...might not appeal to a lot of people..but I could have sat and smelt it for days! Don't know why that's important, just thought i'd let you know! I applied two coats of this just so it was nice and even. And I personally think it looks lovely, in the daylight it look exactly like the last photo, very sparkly! 

Definitely want to try more models own glitter polishes, which are your favorites?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazing Make Up Brushes, Amazing Price!

Hello my lovelies!

So today I wanted to take the time to talk about some make up brushes! I know that to a lot of people brushes can be a boring subject, and a week or so ago I would have probably agreed. Although at IMATS I discovered a brand called 'Royal & Langnickel' ....I say discovered; they were connected to the event :L 

They sell amazing quality brushes at a really cheap price. Now if you know me you probably know that I am a bit of a cheap skate so they were right up my street! After feeling them I was so surprised at how cheap they were! 

 So this brush happens to be my favourite! I don't have a lot of face brushes that I really love..but I completely adore this one! I have a weird thing for flat top brushes and this one is just divine. It's very densely packed together and I have found that it applies my foundation so much quicker than any other brush I have tried. It also buffs the foundation in a lot LOT better than my usual brush! ADORE.  Price - £5.00

This one is my second favourite! It states that it is a line & smudge brush but I have been using this to apply my crease colour and it does it so unbelievably well! Again this one is also very densely packed together and this makes it perfect for precision! I don't find that there is as much fall out and it really packs the colour onto the lid! Price - £4.00 

This one is said to be a crease brush (could be used for blending). I have used this to apply colour in the crease and I like the way it applies but the previous brush is still my firm favourite for the crease! Again just like the others this one is really soft, and its obviously a bit more sparse compared to the other two brushes! Still a great brush though! Price - £5.00

And finally this one is said to be a cream shadow brush. I just know it would amazing to use with cream shadow but I have been using it with regular eyeshadow and it works perfectly, I dont mean to sound repetative but it really does pack the colour on and it makes application so much quicker! Very soft and very versitile! Price - £4.00 

Overall these brushes are just phenomenal! Such amazing quality and sooooo cheap! I'm definitely going to be purchasing from them again! They have a website that you can purchase from but it is American, I have also found a UK website but its really hard to navigate! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My First Inglot Palette!

So as you all may know I went to IMATS on Saturday and one purchase that I was extremely happy and excited about was my Inglot palette! I got the 4 square palette and 4 individual eye shadows!

Red - 450 | Green - 56 | Champagne - 153 | Gold/Orange -430 | (I think, wrote the numbers down wrong)

On first impressions I have completely fallen in love with Inglot! All of the shadows are highly pigmented and they have the most unique colours I've come across! I tried to venture outside of my comfort zone and instead of sticking to neutrals I decided to get some more brighter colours (red and green). All of the colours can still be used together which I love! The bronze and green make a lovely combination believe it or not!

All together the whole palette cost around £18, which is an amazing price for the quality you get! The palette itself is also really sturdy and the magnets are very strong so you don't need to worry about the lid falling off!

It did take me a long time to get this but it was well worth the wait! Frankie and I were probably stood at the stand for a good 40 minutes, which was a bit of a pain but we managed to get what we wanted!

I've also filmed a haul over on my YouTube channel of what I got from IMATS! - Click here to watch

Friday, January 25, 2013

Review | Benefit - Feeling Dandy Lip & Cheek Set!

Recently I decided to purchase a benefit set, after looking through the website for a while I finally decided on the 'Feeling Dandy' set. The set consists of:

4ml luxury sample size of High Beam
4ml luxury sample size of Posie Tint
3 grams worth of dandelion blush
A Small brush to apply it with
6.5ml of Dandelion lipgloss

The packaging is really pretty and it is all contained in a very sturdy box, if you were worrying about this being too big to carry around with you then you needn't worry! The box is very small but somehow manages to pack a lot inside! 

 When you open the box this is what you'll find! I personally love the way it is all laid out everything is really easy to get out but yet it doesnt all fall out everywhere when you close it.

Now the first product you get is Posietint, this is a lip and cheek stain and it works amazingly as both. I have previously tried a sample size of Benetint and it just didnt work on my cheeks, it would stain before I got a chance to rub it in, so as you can imagine I was a bit dubious about trying this one. I must say I was pleasently surprised, it didnt stain straight away and I could rub it in very easily, it looks lovely under the dandelion blush! 
Next is High Beam, now I dont quite feel the same about this product, I find that when I apply it over my foundation it makes it look quite cakey. I'm guessing that it would look a lot better without foundation but at the moment I cant seem to work with it, although I will keep having a go with it and see if I can make it look better!

 Next you get the dandelion blusher and a little brush to go with it, personally I think the blush is lovely! I was really looking for a soft/lighter pink blusher that didn't look too 'barbie-ish' and this one is perfect! It applies exactly how you want it too, if you swirl your brush in the blush and apply it straight away then it will come out as a more intense colour where as if you tap it off before hand then it will apply a lot lighter, giving you the option to build up the colour.

 Next to the blush you will find the Dandelion lip gloss, I could honestly sit here and talk about it all night! I adore it, hands down the best lip gloss I have ever tried. Now the colour is a light almost translucent peachy pink, you can use it on its own or apply it over the top of Posietint to bring the colour out even more! This is definitely the smoothest, non stickiest most moisturizing lip glosses I have ever tried and I will definitely be purchasing more!

The set also comes with a bunch of 'Tips & Tricks' which show you how to apply each product and I know you're probably thinking 'well isn't it self explanatory' and yes it is but they are a fun little read and they may give you some tips you didn't know about! Underneath the tips and tricks there is also a mirror, it also allows you to cut the tips and tricks out just in case you want easier access to the mirror.

The above photos show the swatches of most of the products and the picture on the left shows what the dandelion blusher looks like on the cheeks! Overall I really love most of the products that are in this set, I will continue to mess about with High Beam to see if I can get it to work for me! I would most definitely recommend this set and I will definitely be purchasing more from Benefit, I am already eyeing up the 'How to look the best at everything' complexion set. Gosh I just realised how long this post is, if you managed to get through it then well done to you!

What are your favourite Benefit products?

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hi everyone! So I am currently sat in neros and I am particularly bored so I thought, why don't you do a blog post! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've not been myself over the past couple of months. I am starting to feel happier now though and I'm going to try and get back into blogging and YouTube more! I am also writing this on my iphone so i dont know how its going to turn out but i hope it doesnt look too awful! First off I thought I would tell you what just happened in neros! So I ordered a regular caramel latte but the guy didnt have any regular cups left so he gave me a large with no extra charge and he also gave me three stamps on my '9th drink free' card! I thought this was so thoughtful and sweet! People like this really do make my day, you're probably think well what a crap life you must have! I'm the type of person who is easily pleased and a little really does go a long way and I find it nice to see that there are still genuinely kind people left in the world! Oh crap i just realised I didn't put a tip in their tip cup, now I feel guilty! I'll pop some in on the way out!

Right so moving on to other business! :P
First of all this may not be relevant to some of the people who just read my posts and don't watch my videos but..I have ordered a new camera and I am vey excited for it to come! I can no longer stand the quality of my iPhone so I thought I should make the effort to buy a new camera! It was fairly cheapish (£100) so nothing ridicous, in a ideal and kinder world I would've loved a canon SLR but they are a tad bit expensive! One day maybe! But for the the camera I ordered it seems pretty good quality, I got the Canon PowerShot SX15, it's a bit of an ugly little thing but the quality looks lovely! So I will give it a test and see how it goes.
I am also going to try to make my YouTube look somewhat more professional, nothing major! I've just made a little intro for each video and I've added my 'watermark' picture in the corner of each video! I don't know why, I just think it makes everything look nicer! Urgh side note, I'm looking around and everyone has their iPads out! Wish I had brought mine! Anywho, I am going to try and keep up with this and just try and make my YouTube a more of a 'professional' looking channel.
Seens as I'll be getting a new know what that means...more blog posts with better pictures! Yay. Now I know I barely keep up with my promises to post regularly but I am going to try, I was really enjoying posting before I stopped but that wasn't out of laziness I was just upset a lot. So now im feeling somewhat better I am going to try and keep them up for you!
As for college I'm not really enjoying it and if you follow me on twitter you can probably see that! I'm finding it really boring and very pointless. It's £5000 a year an we only have a few hours of lessons each day and we only do two days a week. I'm not really going in a lot I know I'm sort of contradicting myself moaning that we don't have enough days or lessons but if we had more fun and more help then I would be inclined to go in more but at the moment i don't see the point, I get the work done and that's all that really matters. Funnily enough I'm actually meant to be in college now! I feel guilty and foolish for not going but college last year really sent me spiralling downwards and I've learnt that if something makes you miserable then don't force yourself to do it, even if you feel like your letting people down. I am continuing with the course and I do go in most of the time and I do get the work in, so I'm getting my education but I'm trying to keep myself happy at the same time.
I am loving spending time with my family lately, as you may or may not know my sister had a baby called jack and he is just beautiful! I've been seeing him and looking after him quite a bit which I actually enjoy...a lot! I can't wait to have kids one day!
Some people also noticed in my last video that I had some new tattoos and yes I do! People have been asking for a video but I don't think I can justify it, I will most definitely do one when I get another one because I feel like it will be a bit more justified. So I figured that if I'm not going to do a video then I may as well just write about it on here! So the main one I got was on my side and it was a quote from one of my favourite songs, the quote is 'So I cross my heart and hope to fly'. Now the main bit of the song that I love is this section but the quote carries on and it has a swear word in it. It goes 'So I cross my heart and hope to fly and fuck right off into the middle of the sky, where no one can find me and no one can see, that would be my ecstasy' I absolutely love this section of the song it just takes me away from everything and makes me feel happy. Now I obviously couldn't get the whole thing tattooed because its a tad inappropriate but as long as I know what it means then that's all that matters! The other one were only tiny, I got two crosses each side of my wrist, now there were two reasons I decided to get these and this may be a controversial subject but I will only touch upon it.
1st reason - I like the look of crosses
2nd reason - My mother had always taught me and my sisters to believe in god but we have never been devout Christians or gone to church or even been christened. But over the past couple of months as I have said I haven't been myself, I'd basically hit self district in myself and i hated everything, and I was looking to god, I would just beg to feel better again, and I started to feel better it might have been just things that happened that made me better but I would like to think that there was someone looking out for me. I am also thinking about going to church; I'm not sure how people would take it though. So I have the crosses and I love them :) I'll pop some photos in at the end.

Right, so I think that's it! This was probably quite rambly and unorganised but it's so hard to do this on a phone! So in going to go now, there will be some pictures after this! BYEEE :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My First SheSaidBeauty Box | November

So I know that this is a very late post considering everyone else got their SheSaid box about a week ago but I subscribed at the beginning of the month so it took a bit longer for mine to come! I am a new subscriber to SheSaidBeauty and I was very excited to get my box and I am even more excited to get the Christmas one!

You probably all ready know what all the packaging looks like but I was overly excited when it came and overloaded on pictures! I love the pink box that it came in, that's not going to get lost in the post now is it!

Just a quick snapshot of the box and the packaging inside, again you've probably already seen it, but on the off chance that you haven't then here it is! Its wrapped in pink tissue paper with a cute ribbon and the SheSaid sticker!

So I opened my box and it looked like this. I must admit I had a little squeal when I saw everything, on first impressions I thought it looked pretty packed full which was a good sign! I'm also loving the little straw packing material they use.

So I'll give you a quick run through of the goodies and give you the description I got on my card and what I thought upon first impressions.

1. Andrew Barton Hold it Right There Surefix Grips and Ponybands - 'Designed to keep hair under control. Hold it Right There Surefix grips and ponybands are stronger, thicker and uniquely shaped to hold even the thickest most unruly hair secure'. On first impressions I thought big whoop they are grips and hairbands but upon closer inspection I noticed the little elastic bands around the hair band itself which I thought was pretty unique. Although the more I thought about it, I began to realise that the elastic on the bands is probably going to be bad for your hair and may cause breakages. I shall give them a go and see what I think. 24 Grips - £2.00, 10 Ponybands - £2.50.

2. MakeBelieve enhance Luminizer Skin Highlighter- 'Highlight cheeks and upper eyelids with this shimmering, celestial pink luminator. Dab onto cheekbones and under eyebrows, with finger, and gently smooth for a professional, finished look'. This was one of the products I was most happy to see, although I do have to admit I would have preferred the bronzer. I didn't realise this was a cream at first until I gave it a swatch, and I must say it feels lovely and silky and I am very excited to use it! £7.50

3. Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream (5ml sample) - 'This smoothing night cream, with oil from organically grown Rosa mosqueta seeds, aids the regeneration of the outer layer of the skin during the night.' I was happy to receive this one as I have been wanting to try and new night cream for a while now, the scent is quite over powering and from what I could tell the formula seems quite thick but even so I am excited to try this one too! Full size £14.95 for 30ml, actual product was a 5ml sample size worth £2.95

4. Yardley Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette (1ml sample) - 'A light refreshing, long lasting Body Spray, with an elegant dewy fresh, green floral fragrance with top notes of green leaves and apple, a heart of hyacinth and white rose with warm base notes of sandalwood and musk.' I really like the smell of this perfume, its very fresh and quite summery which of course wouldn't be too great to wear during the upcoming months, but who cares I'm still going to wear it anyway! Full size £14.95

5. Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo & Conditioner (2x 10ml samples) - 'The lasting smoothness you could only dream about is now a reality! NEW Smooth Lock, Redken's latest hair care innovation, starts with an exclusive semi-permanent salon service that seals in frizz-free manageability and smoothness that lasts up to 10 shampoos'. I was glad to get something from RedKen, I have been wanting to try some of their products for years but I have never got round to it. So fingers crossed I like the shampoo & conditioner.

6. Murrays Manicure Matchbook Nail Files - 'These cute candy-striped miniature files are an absolute must for your handbag. If you are anything like us you will soon have a pack of these mini files in every bag for nail emergencies'. At the end of the day these really are just nail files so there's not much to say about them. The design is cute and I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of them. £1.99

Overall I am pretty pleased with this box and I am very excited for the Christmas one! 

Are you subscribed to SheSaid? If so, what did you get in your box?

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