Friday, January 25, 2013

Review | Benefit - Feeling Dandy Lip & Cheek Set!

Recently I decided to purchase a benefit set, after looking through the website for a while I finally decided on the 'Feeling Dandy' set. The set consists of:

4ml luxury sample size of High Beam
4ml luxury sample size of Posie Tint
3 grams worth of dandelion blush
A Small brush to apply it with
6.5ml of Dandelion lipgloss

The packaging is really pretty and it is all contained in a very sturdy box, if you were worrying about this being too big to carry around with you then you needn't worry! The box is very small but somehow manages to pack a lot inside! 

 When you open the box this is what you'll find! I personally love the way it is all laid out everything is really easy to get out but yet it doesnt all fall out everywhere when you close it.

Now the first product you get is Posietint, this is a lip and cheek stain and it works amazingly as both. I have previously tried a sample size of Benetint and it just didnt work on my cheeks, it would stain before I got a chance to rub it in, so as you can imagine I was a bit dubious about trying this one. I must say I was pleasently surprised, it didnt stain straight away and I could rub it in very easily, it looks lovely under the dandelion blush! 
Next is High Beam, now I dont quite feel the same about this product, I find that when I apply it over my foundation it makes it look quite cakey. I'm guessing that it would look a lot better without foundation but at the moment I cant seem to work with it, although I will keep having a go with it and see if I can make it look better!

 Next you get the dandelion blusher and a little brush to go with it, personally I think the blush is lovely! I was really looking for a soft/lighter pink blusher that didn't look too 'barbie-ish' and this one is perfect! It applies exactly how you want it too, if you swirl your brush in the blush and apply it straight away then it will come out as a more intense colour where as if you tap it off before hand then it will apply a lot lighter, giving you the option to build up the colour.

 Next to the blush you will find the Dandelion lip gloss, I could honestly sit here and talk about it all night! I adore it, hands down the best lip gloss I have ever tried. Now the colour is a light almost translucent peachy pink, you can use it on its own or apply it over the top of Posietint to bring the colour out even more! This is definitely the smoothest, non stickiest most moisturizing lip glosses I have ever tried and I will definitely be purchasing more!

The set also comes with a bunch of 'Tips & Tricks' which show you how to apply each product and I know you're probably thinking 'well isn't it self explanatory' and yes it is but they are a fun little read and they may give you some tips you didn't know about! Underneath the tips and tricks there is also a mirror, it also allows you to cut the tips and tricks out just in case you want easier access to the mirror.

The above photos show the swatches of most of the products and the picture on the left shows what the dandelion blusher looks like on the cheeks! Overall I really love most of the products that are in this set, I will continue to mess about with High Beam to see if I can get it to work for me! I would most definitely recommend this set and I will definitely be purchasing more from Benefit, I am already eyeing up the 'How to look the best at everything' complexion set. Gosh I just realised how long this post is, if you managed to get through it then well done to you!

What are your favourite Benefit products?


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