Monday, January 09, 2012

OOTD: Beetlejuice!

So this is going to be a quick post about what I wore today! So first off, the reason for the name of the post. I got off the bus and my sister was just pulling out in her car from our house because she had to pop in to get something, so I had a quick chat with her and the first thing she said was 'you look like beetlejuice in those leggings' And I found it highly amusing! Hence the name.

I am wearing stripy leggings, which I got off eBay and they were £6.64, although they only really fit one size, they list that 'one size fits all' but they don't, I'm usually a 6-8 on the bottom and they are a bit tight on me. 

I'm wearing a plain black cami and a black blouse with gold buttons and long sleeves. The necklace is a long gold chain with two rings on the bottom and its from Primark, I think it was around £3?

I am also wearing a black quilted jacket with gold buttons and zip, this was the only jacket that really went with this outfit.

I'm sporting my everyday bag which is a leather (fake) bag with a fur (fake) flap over lid.

And finally I have my leopard print wedges which are from international and were around £28, I think. They're really comfy considering they are quite high and my god are they gorgeous! :D My new love.

So that is what i wore today, i hope you enjoyed it. Byeee!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Want To Smell Like Miss Dior Cherie, But For A Fraction Of The Price?

Want to smell like Miss Dior Cherie but don't want to pay the ridiculous price?!

Then you need to get 'Next - Diamonds', next sell a range of perfumes and most of them have high brand duplicate, which I'll include later in the post! At the moment the only dupe I have is the Dior one. I believe most people already know about the dupes but I thought I would do a blog post about it just in case there are some people who don't know (I, myself only found out a couple of weeks ago!).

I have the 30ml bottle and this is what it looks like, it looks like an old fashion crystal bottle that you might find in your grandma's house, I love it! The 30ml retails for £6.50 where as the Miss Dior Cherie retails at about £40-£50. I think the scent is lovely, its quite sweet and almost sherbety, I personally think its very unique (which may seem bizarre seens as it is a dupe). Its just plain yummy, its one of those perfumes you just have to smell! I think that is all I have to say about this perfume! I'll now go on to telling you the other dupes just in case you didn't know them!

1. Next - Just Pink is a duplicate for....
Ralph Lauren - Romance 

2. Next - Define is a duplicate for...

Armani - She

3. M&S - True Red is a duplicate for...

Hugo Boss - Deep Red

4. M&S - Azure Breeze is a duplicate for...

D&G - Light Blue

M&S - Butterfly AND Next Flowers are duplicates of...

Marc Jacobs - Daisy

I could literally go on all day with this, there are so many more dupes that I have found out about! But alas, I shall stop now! I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you in my next one which should be Monday! So keep a look out! Bye my lovelies.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Are You Playing Fantasy Shopper Yet?

So this is going to be a quick post about a website called 'fantasy shopper', most of you have probably already heard of it and may well already be playing on it, but I thought I would do this post just in case anyone doesn't know about it yet!

Basically, once you have signed up, 'fantasy shopper' allows you to browse online stores within their website and purchase the clothing items you like with virtual money. Every hour you get your 'pay day', which to start off with is £60, but as you progress throughout the game you can get more money on your pay day.

Once you have purchased your items they will go to your wardrobe and you can then create outfits with them in the outfit creator.

The screenshot above shows the outfit creator, you can have different racks in your wardrobe for different items! Then all you have to do it drag what items you want to use to where it says 'drag & drop your items here', make them bigger or smaller, lay them out nicely and you're done! You've created an outfit! People in the community can then 'like' or comment on your outfits. You can also follow people who's outfits you like and they will appear in your news feed. You also gain 'badges' throughout the game, for every task/accomplishment that you complete you will gain a badge, you will also get a certain amount of virtual money for obtaining badges. You can also enter 'events', this is when you are given a certain specification and you have to create an outfit to meet it, there are two events per day and there is one winner, the winner is the person with the most 'likes'.

The way I explained it may have been a tad confusing but as soon as you get on the website and have a look around at all the features you will soon get the hang of it! I absolutely love this website, I knew about it a couple of months ago and I played on it for a couple of days then I stopped for a while, but recently I have been on it non stop and I don't think I will be leaving it any time soon! If you haven't already joined the website then you definitely should, follow the link below and get cracking on some lovely outfits!

                                               Click here to sign up to Fantasy Shopper!

If you do sign up, then let me know and I will follow you!

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