Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Review | St Tropez Gradual Tan

Hey guys!
So today I thought I would do a quick review of the St. Tropez gradual tanner. So I got this about a month ago and it was free with Elle magazine (I believe). I have used it a couple of times and thought I would share my opinions on it with you guys! 

Description of the product
      So this is how the St Tropez website describes the product 'Our enriched, nourishing body moisturiser cleverly combines skin care benefits with a healthy touch of bronze. This gradual self-tanner will build up a gorgeous, golden glow over time.'  I can somewhat agree this statement, it really does give you a lovely glow almost instantly after applying it which I love although there are certain aspects to it that do let the product down which I will talk about later!

Does it work?
      Yes it does do what it says on the tin although I have tried other gradual tanners and they have be quite a bit darker than this one which I do prefer. It doesn't have that horrible green tinge that most tans and gradual tans have which I like, it really is a more bronzy colour in comparison to other tans which I think is brilliant.

Any downsides?
      I hate to say it but yes there is one huge downside to this product in my eyes, I don't know if anyone else feels this way but the product really does smell a lot like furniture polish! Don't get me wrong I love the smell of furniture polish... I just don't like the smell of it on my skin as I'm sure most people wouldn't.
      Another downside is of course the price, now I wouldn't mind paying this much for an amazing tanner but this is just a gradual tan and I'm sure most people could get through a bottle within a week or two if they use it everyday. As I said earlier I did not pay for this, it was free with a magazine but I still don't think it would repurchase it with my own money!   This product can be purchased from the St Tropez website for £14.30

Are there any good points?
      The packaging. I absolutely love all the St Tropez packaging, I think its so sleek and good looking. I don't like packaging to be too flamboyant; I like simple and elegant.

What do you think overall?
     Overall I would say that it is a very nice product but its not brilliant. The products itself is good, it gives you a lovely bronzy glow although personally its not dark enough for me. The smell I thoroughly dislike on my skin and of course the price isn't great either.

So this is what the cream looks like, just like any other moisturiser although close up you can see flecks of the dark pigment that obviously builds up the gradual tan.    Do excuse my tattoo :L

And this is what you skin looks like a couple of seconds after it is rubbed in and this is the glow I was talking about! You can really see it in the pictures and I think it is lovely. I will continue to use the product to see if I can get over the smell and start to enjoy it! But seriously...that glow is awesome.

What do you think of the St Tropez Gradual Tan. Do you like it?

Monday, August 06, 2012

Nails of the Week Featuring L.A Colours Varnish

Hey guys!
So yes it has been a while since my last post! I don't know what's wrong with me, I can't seem to stick to a schedule! 
But today I thought I would ease back in with a nail post, I'm just going to be showing you what I plan on wearing on my nails for the next week and what products I used!

So these are the products I used. I used an L.A Colours Nail Varnish in Figi Purple, this nail varnish also has a built in nail harder which i can vouch for. I also used a little pot of nail glitter on my ring finger over the top of the nail varnish.

So this is what they looked like finished. Just to clarify I am wearing acrylic nails, I did originally have the colour on my natural nails but I ripped half of one of my nails off at work and I cant stand the feeling of a broken nail so I put my acrylics on! In the previous photo I referred to the nail harder that is built into the nails varnish and you can definitely tell, when I had it on my natural nails they definitely felt a lot stronger. My nails were quite weak feeling before I applied the nail varnish because I was previously wearing some false nails and the glue damages them! Oh and the L.A colour nail varnish is super fast drying, one of the fastest drying nail varnishes I've tried in a long time. And as for the glitter on my ring finger all I did was sprinkle it over the wet nail varnish then put a clear top coat over the top of it :)

I think these nail varnishes retail for 99p which in my eyes is an absolute bargain. I did not purchase this nail varnish, I in fact saw my mum using it and asked her if I could try it and I'm very glad that I did! It is brilliant.

So even though this was only meant to be me showing you my nails for the week, I've actually ended up giving you a small review! So all in all, I hope you like this post and I would definitely recommend the nail varnish I used. Definitely going to be trying more colours!! 

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