Monday, August 06, 2012

Nails of the Week Featuring L.A Colours Varnish

Hey guys!
So yes it has been a while since my last post! I don't know what's wrong with me, I can't seem to stick to a schedule! 
But today I thought I would ease back in with a nail post, I'm just going to be showing you what I plan on wearing on my nails for the next week and what products I used!

So these are the products I used. I used an L.A Colours Nail Varnish in Figi Purple, this nail varnish also has a built in nail harder which i can vouch for. I also used a little pot of nail glitter on my ring finger over the top of the nail varnish.

So this is what they looked like finished. Just to clarify I am wearing acrylic nails, I did originally have the colour on my natural nails but I ripped half of one of my nails off at work and I cant stand the feeling of a broken nail so I put my acrylics on! In the previous photo I referred to the nail harder that is built into the nails varnish and you can definitely tell, when I had it on my natural nails they definitely felt a lot stronger. My nails were quite weak feeling before I applied the nail varnish because I was previously wearing some false nails and the glue damages them! Oh and the L.A colour nail varnish is super fast drying, one of the fastest drying nail varnishes I've tried in a long time. And as for the glitter on my ring finger all I did was sprinkle it over the wet nail varnish then put a clear top coat over the top of it :)

I think these nail varnishes retail for 99p which in my eyes is an absolute bargain. I did not purchase this nail varnish, I in fact saw my mum using it and asked her if I could try it and I'm very glad that I did! It is brilliant.

So even though this was only meant to be me showing you my nails for the week, I've actually ended up giving you a small review! So all in all, I hope you like this post and I would definitely recommend the nail varnish I used. Definitely going to be trying more colours!! 

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