Sunday, January 08, 2012

Want To Smell Like Miss Dior Cherie, But For A Fraction Of The Price?

Want to smell like Miss Dior Cherie but don't want to pay the ridiculous price?!

Then you need to get 'Next - Diamonds', next sell a range of perfumes and most of them have high brand duplicate, which I'll include later in the post! At the moment the only dupe I have is the Dior one. I believe most people already know about the dupes but I thought I would do a blog post about it just in case there are some people who don't know (I, myself only found out a couple of weeks ago!).

I have the 30ml bottle and this is what it looks like, it looks like an old fashion crystal bottle that you might find in your grandma's house, I love it! The 30ml retails for £6.50 where as the Miss Dior Cherie retails at about £40-£50. I think the scent is lovely, its quite sweet and almost sherbety, I personally think its very unique (which may seem bizarre seens as it is a dupe). Its just plain yummy, its one of those perfumes you just have to smell! I think that is all I have to say about this perfume! I'll now go on to telling you the other dupes just in case you didn't know them!

1. Next - Just Pink is a duplicate for....
Ralph Lauren - Romance 

2. Next - Define is a duplicate for...

Armani - She

3. M&S - True Red is a duplicate for...

Hugo Boss - Deep Red

4. M&S - Azure Breeze is a duplicate for...

D&G - Light Blue

M&S - Butterfly AND Next Flowers are duplicates of...

Marc Jacobs - Daisy

I could literally go on all day with this, there are so many more dupes that I have found out about! But alas, I shall stop now! I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you in my next one which should be Monday! So keep a look out! Bye my lovelies.


  1. Oooh i had no idea about the dupes...would love to hear more dupes - love saving money :) x

  2. Oh good, I'm glad it helped! I'll find out some more and do another one soon then! :D x

  3. I've wanted to try the Dior one so this has been very helpful - thanks!:D


  4. I have Next Diamonds, I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I just avoid using it because it's so pink and pretty, haha!


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