Monday, January 09, 2012

OOTD: Beetlejuice!

So this is going to be a quick post about what I wore today! So first off, the reason for the name of the post. I got off the bus and my sister was just pulling out in her car from our house because she had to pop in to get something, so I had a quick chat with her and the first thing she said was 'you look like beetlejuice in those leggings' And I found it highly amusing! Hence the name.

I am wearing stripy leggings, which I got off eBay and they were £6.64, although they only really fit one size, they list that 'one size fits all' but they don't, I'm usually a 6-8 on the bottom and they are a bit tight on me. 

I'm wearing a plain black cami and a black blouse with gold buttons and long sleeves. The necklace is a long gold chain with two rings on the bottom and its from Primark, I think it was around £3?

I am also wearing a black quilted jacket with gold buttons and zip, this was the only jacket that really went with this outfit.

I'm sporting my everyday bag which is a leather (fake) bag with a fur (fake) flap over lid.

And finally I have my leopard print wedges which are from international and were around £28, I think. They're really comfy considering they are quite high and my god are they gorgeous! :D My new love.

So that is what i wore today, i hope you enjoyed it. Byeee!

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