Monday, February 20, 2012

Update: Where have I been?

So I haven't blogged for a very long time which is rubbish of me and also means that I broke my New Years Resolution! I also haven't done a YouTube video in about a month, this is due to a lot of reasons, I will be doing a video tomorrow explaining where I have been but I'll give the people that read this a quick explanation now as I want to write something!
        I haven't been very well lately and I had to have a small operation last week, it was only a 'keyhole' one but it still took some recovery and I felt awful all the time before I had the operation. I missed a lot of college, I also got upset in one lesson and took it out on the lecturer, cried some more, went home...then cried to my mum and boyfriend :L The thought of having to have this done and the fact that I felt awful and still had to try and drag myself into college got too much and I got really depressed. I'll admit that I'm still feeling quite depressed, I don't know why but hey ho, not much I can do about it! Oh I also found out that I'm even weirder than I thought I was, when I had to have my drip put in they have to tap a vein while you repeatedly clench your hand and I kind of liked the pain! I'm a freak. OH and the guy putting it in was gorgeous and I made a fool out of myself in front of him (I'll elaborate more in the video).

        So that's it all in all! Hopefully this never happens again because it wasn't too pleasant, but I'm feeling physically better now so all is well.

What else has been going on?

Not a lot other than the operation has happened, although there are a few other things that happened that were a bit more cheery.

  • I have my interview for my new college course (Uniformed Services) for next year on Tuesday and I'm bricking it :L
  • I have an interview for a new job tomorrow (well technically today).
  • My sister is having a baby! All the family are placing bets on whether its going to be a boy or a girl. I've gone for a boy! 
  • My sister is also getting married this Friday, so we've all been doing a lot of planning and organising for that (well mainly my mum has).
  • Me and the boyfriend got our outfits for it sorted and I have a feeling we're going to look sexual, he looks yummy in a suit. OH I've also purchased the highest of all high heels.
  • I got my extensions replaced, we bought them and my sister put them in for me! They feel much better quality than the last ones and I've cut them a tiny bit shorter. I'll include a photo of me when I took the old ones out, my hair has grown so much!
  • This is rather boring but I bought a new foundation, I've always stuck to the Revlon PhotoReady but got the new Rimmel one instead which I'll being doing a review of soon :)
  • We got a new kitchen and shower put in, which has made me happy for some reason. I think we've already established that I am a weird type of person.
  • College is still shit though :L

First photo: That's not everything I'm wearing, I'll look better on the night :L
Second: I had to cut his face out of he would of thrown a tantrum :P
Third: My face looks funny. 
Fourth: Its fairly good :L

I will now leave you in peace. Bye bye my lovelies! 


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better :) Looks like you've got a lot of things to look forward to!

  2. OMG! I've been missing your YouTube videos xD glad your better now! :) xxx

  3. Awh thats nice to hear, and thank you I am! :) xxx


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