Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hi everyone! So I am currently sat in neros and I am particularly bored so I thought, why don't you do a blog post! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've not been myself over the past couple of months. I am starting to feel happier now though and I'm going to try and get back into blogging and YouTube more! I am also writing this on my iphone so i dont know how its going to turn out but i hope it doesnt look too awful! First off I thought I would tell you what just happened in neros! So I ordered a regular caramel latte but the guy didnt have any regular cups left so he gave me a large with no extra charge and he also gave me three stamps on my '9th drink free' card! I thought this was so thoughtful and sweet! People like this really do make my day, you're probably think well what a crap life you must have! I'm the type of person who is easily pleased and a little really does go a long way and I find it nice to see that there are still genuinely kind people left in the world! Oh crap i just realised I didn't put a tip in their tip cup, now I feel guilty! I'll pop some in on the way out!

Right so moving on to other business! :P
First of all this may not be relevant to some of the people who just read my posts and don't watch my videos but..I have ordered a new camera and I am vey excited for it to come! I can no longer stand the quality of my iPhone so I thought I should make the effort to buy a new camera! It was fairly cheapish (£100) so nothing ridicous, in a ideal and kinder world I would've loved a canon SLR but they are a tad bit expensive! One day maybe! But for the the camera I ordered it seems pretty good quality, I got the Canon PowerShot SX15, it's a bit of an ugly little thing but the quality looks lovely! So I will give it a test and see how it goes.
I am also going to try to make my YouTube look somewhat more professional, nothing major! I've just made a little intro for each video and I've added my 'watermark' picture in the corner of each video! I don't know why, I just think it makes everything look nicer! Urgh side note, I'm looking around and everyone has their iPads out! Wish I had brought mine! Anywho, I am going to try and keep up with this and just try and make my YouTube a more of a 'professional' looking channel.
Seens as I'll be getting a new know what that means...more blog posts with better pictures! Yay. Now I know I barely keep up with my promises to post regularly but I am going to try, I was really enjoying posting before I stopped but that wasn't out of laziness I was just upset a lot. So now im feeling somewhat better I am going to try and keep them up for you!
As for college I'm not really enjoying it and if you follow me on twitter you can probably see that! I'm finding it really boring and very pointless. It's £5000 a year an we only have a few hours of lessons each day and we only do two days a week. I'm not really going in a lot I know I'm sort of contradicting myself moaning that we don't have enough days or lessons but if we had more fun and more help then I would be inclined to go in more but at the moment i don't see the point, I get the work done and that's all that really matters. Funnily enough I'm actually meant to be in college now! I feel guilty and foolish for not going but college last year really sent me spiralling downwards and I've learnt that if something makes you miserable then don't force yourself to do it, even if you feel like your letting people down. I am continuing with the course and I do go in most of the time and I do get the work in, so I'm getting my education but I'm trying to keep myself happy at the same time.
I am loving spending time with my family lately, as you may or may not know my sister had a baby called jack and he is just beautiful! I've been seeing him and looking after him quite a bit which I actually enjoy...a lot! I can't wait to have kids one day!
Some people also noticed in my last video that I had some new tattoos and yes I do! People have been asking for a video but I don't think I can justify it, I will most definitely do one when I get another one because I feel like it will be a bit more justified. So I figured that if I'm not going to do a video then I may as well just write about it on here! So the main one I got was on my side and it was a quote from one of my favourite songs, the quote is 'So I cross my heart and hope to fly'. Now the main bit of the song that I love is this section but the quote carries on and it has a swear word in it. It goes 'So I cross my heart and hope to fly and fuck right off into the middle of the sky, where no one can find me and no one can see, that would be my ecstasy' I absolutely love this section of the song it just takes me away from everything and makes me feel happy. Now I obviously couldn't get the whole thing tattooed because its a tad inappropriate but as long as I know what it means then that's all that matters! The other one were only tiny, I got two crosses each side of my wrist, now there were two reasons I decided to get these and this may be a controversial subject but I will only touch upon it.
1st reason - I like the look of crosses
2nd reason - My mother had always taught me and my sisters to believe in god but we have never been devout Christians or gone to church or even been christened. But over the past couple of months as I have said I haven't been myself, I'd basically hit self district in myself and i hated everything, and I was looking to god, I would just beg to feel better again, and I started to feel better it might have been just things that happened that made me better but I would like to think that there was someone looking out for me. I am also thinking about going to church; I'm not sure how people would take it though. So I have the crosses and I love them :) I'll pop some photos in at the end.

Right, so I think that's it! This was probably quite rambly and unorganised but it's so hard to do this on a phone! So in going to go now, there will be some pictures after this! BYEEE :)


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