Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazing Make Up Brushes, Amazing Price!

Hello my lovelies!

So today I wanted to take the time to talk about some make up brushes! I know that to a lot of people brushes can be a boring subject, and a week or so ago I would have probably agreed. Although at IMATS I discovered a brand called 'Royal & Langnickel' ....I say discovered; they were connected to the event :L 

They sell amazing quality brushes at a really cheap price. Now if you know me you probably know that I am a bit of a cheap skate so they were right up my street! After feeling them I was so surprised at how cheap they were! 

 So this brush happens to be my favourite! I don't have a lot of face brushes that I really love..but I completely adore this one! I have a weird thing for flat top brushes and this one is just divine. It's very densely packed together and I have found that it applies my foundation so much quicker than any other brush I have tried. It also buffs the foundation in a lot LOT better than my usual brush! ADORE.  Price - £5.00

This one is my second favourite! It states that it is a line & smudge brush but I have been using this to apply my crease colour and it does it so unbelievably well! Again this one is also very densely packed together and this makes it perfect for precision! I don't find that there is as much fall out and it really packs the colour onto the lid! Price - £4.00 

This one is said to be a crease brush (could be used for blending). I have used this to apply colour in the crease and I like the way it applies but the previous brush is still my firm favourite for the crease! Again just like the others this one is really soft, and its obviously a bit more sparse compared to the other two brushes! Still a great brush though! Price - £5.00

And finally this one is said to be a cream shadow brush. I just know it would amazing to use with cream shadow but I have been using it with regular eyeshadow and it works perfectly, I dont mean to sound repetative but it really does pack the colour on and it makes application so much quicker! Very soft and very versitile! Price - £4.00 

Overall these brushes are just phenomenal! Such amazing quality and sooooo cheap! I'm definitely going to be purchasing from them again! They have a website that you can purchase from but it is American, I have also found a UK website but its really hard to navigate! 


  1. i think the flat top brush looks great for foundation x

  2. I love the flat top brush and crease brush and for £5 each they are amazing! I'm a new follower and I would loe it if you would check out my blog and click the follow button. Lovely post I'm gladi have discovered you!

    Millie x

  3. Hi. Just to let you know I've nominated you for Liebster Award! Please read my post to find the questions:

    Kisses xoxo


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