Sunday, December 04, 2011


So its nearly Christmas and i thought i would do a Christmasy blog post considering i haven't done one in so long! So yesterday we went out and we got our tree and decorations! This year we got a real Christmas tree with some persuasion from myself! This is the first year that we've had a real one (well since i was born), we usually get white or black fake ones because my mum likes it to match with the living room :L 

I also took the liberty of decorating my room this year, i never usually decorate it but I'm feeling really Christmasy this year for some reason! So i bought a little white tree and some decorations for my room.

So this is the little Christmas tree that's in my bedroom. I got it from Homebase, it was either £9.99 or £12.99 i can't remember, it came with the tree, lights, some pink, green and blue ball balls and a star. I added the tinsel and some other ball balls. Like I said I've never had a tree in my room before so I'm just a little bit in love with it :L

I just put some tinsel above my bed. Nothing too special there! :L

I decorated my desk with some tinsel, I just sellotaped it around the edge. I also have a cute little ball ball mini Christmas tree thing? :L Oh and I also have a nice candle burning to make me feel more festive :P

This is my little ball ball mini Christmas tree thing :L It is SOOO gaudy and i had to have it :L It was again from Homebase and was either £7.99 or £9.99, god I'm terrible with prices! I just think its so cute and is a nice little piece of cuteness to have on my desk :)

Then onto the living room! We have two lights on one wall so we hung one of these on each of them. They aren't something we would usually go for, i though my mum would think they are tacky but she seemed to love the idea of having them. I think they were £2.99 each from Homebase again.

Then we just have this ball ball type wreath hung up on the back window. I think this is really cute and its the same kind of style that my little desk tree is. I think it was £9.99 and again was from Homebase.

And finally our Christmas tree!! Like i said we got a real one this year, and believe me I made sure we got the fattest one there! :L First off we went to this place dedicated to Christmas tree's but they were all really tall and mum was worried we wouldn't be able to fit it in the car :L So we then went to Homebase to get all the decorations and got a tree from there in the end! And it did fit in the car! 


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