Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nail Rock: Nail Wraps Tutorial!

So in the November Glossy box I received the Nail Rock - Nails Wraps in Leopard print. I decided to try them and see if I could do them, so in this post I am going to talk you through what I did :)

So this is everything that came in the little packet. It came with the wraps themselves and a little instruction leaflet which also showed what other nail wraps you can get.

So the first thing I did was see what nail wrap would fit my little finger the best and I stuck it on and made sure it was firmly pressed down and that there were no air bubbles (do the same for all other nails).

Then I got the hair dryer at the ready and blow dried the nail for about 5 seconds.

You know the nail is done when the wrap starts to bend as shown in the picture above and starts to become more flimsy. Once you have blow dried it, press the wrap down again just to make sure all the glue has stuck to the nail. Then trim the wrap down to the tip of the nail and file all the excess off with a nail file (make sure you file downwards and not upwards).

This is what one of my nails looked like after I had completed those steps.

This is what they looked like when completed, do excuse my manly looking hands :L

I then applied a thin layer around the edge (tip) of my nail just to try and secure the edge of the wrap a bit more so it doesn't peel off. 

Once I got the hang of it I thought the whole application of the nail wraps was fairly simple and quite enjoyable. They are said to last 7 days on the finger nails and 8 weeks on the toenails, as of yet I don't know how long they are going to last for me, but I do hope they last as long as promised. Overall I really love these wraps, they are easily applied and they look absolutely amazing and I will definitely be purchasing more patterns.


  1. Yours worked really well! When I tried mine, they peeled off because they didn't fit the shape of my nails which was a shame :/


  2. Did you trim them so they fit? They should of worked, I thought they would peel off too but they seem to be doing well :)


  3. I'm glad they worked for you but no, I gave up with them lol

    This is completely unrelated - but I nominated you for the Kreativ award :)


  4. Haha fair enough! Awh thank you, thats so sweet!! xx


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