Monday, September 12, 2011

OOTD. First day back at college!

So it was my first day back at college today and it was great! It was so lovely to see all my friends again, didn't realise how much i missed the banter!
    This might sound bizarre but im actually excited to get some work done. I kind of blagged last year so i really need to try this year so i can go to uni next year! :S 
    SO MOVING is the outfit i wore! I didn't really go all out, which is weird for me! But it was 7AM and i was bloody knackered so i couldn't really be bothered! But the outfit i wear tomorrow should be a LOT better :D 

I just wore a plain white top and tucked it into the trousers
I also wore a floral belt that came with the jeans.
The trousers were from new look i think they were about £25

This is an side view of what i was wearing
Over view
Overview of everything including the bag.

I wore plain brown loafers :)

I also wore a creamy white cardigan with brown/black flecks of wool in it. It was from new look a long time ago. 

I used my brown canvas bag that i will probably use all through college.

Overview of the pattern

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