Thursday, June 07, 2012

Review: Glamour Magazine & Benefit!

Hey everyone!

So I know you all probably know about the free Benefit Products that are being given away with Glamour magazine but I still thought I would do a post about it and tell you what I think of the product I got! So I didn't actually get to pick what product I got with the magazine, my mum was popping to the shop so I gave her some money and asked her to grab me one. Now the Bad Gal Lash was probably the last one out of all the products that I wanted, but hey ho, beggars cant't be choosers! 

So the Badgal lash is meant to be 4.0g but in all honesty I personally think its just an over sized tube with a tiny bit of product in, but what can you expect for £2? Although the packaging is really good quality and its a really good size if you want to take a mascara on the go!

The brush is very large which is good and bad, it does pack a lot of product on it which is good for thicker lashes although the fact that it is so big does make it hard to get the outer lashes, so I couldn't really get a lot of length.

First off, this photo makes my eyes look really wonky but they don't look that bizarre in real life! I did put the mascara over another one but the older one had sort of worn off. Overall the mascara is nice but not great! Its just an average mascara, although I think it would be better when its layered so I'm probably going to use it along side other mascaras!

EDIT: I actually have just tried the mascara by itself and I take the word 'average' back, its actually pretty good, its made my lashes massive!!

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