Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NOTD: Dotty and Diagonal

So I thought I would do a quick post showing you my nails! I've named the post nails of the day, but these will probably nails of the week. I got this tutorial off 'cutepolish' which is a YouTube channel of a lovely girl who post tons of easy nail tutorials although you probably already watch her anyway! But I'll quickly talk you through what I did!

1. Diagonally place sellotape across your nails.
2. Paint nail black, I did two coats of the Barry M black nail varnish.
3. Wait for them to dry fully, then randomly place some white dots ( I used the brush, I didn't use a special dotting tool or anything)
4. Then slowly peal the sellotape off in an upwards motion.
5. And finish with a clear top coat! VoilĂ !


  1. These look amazing!!! Love them :) xxx


  2. Lovely nail design, looks great xx


  3. This is really good! I can't imagine my hand would be as steady as that!

    Lea x

    http://shebeginstosee.blogspot.com - - take a look and follow back if you like? :)


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