Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This Months 'To Buy' List!

So this month there has been a lot of goodies that I have had my eye on and I'd like to purchase the majority of them this month (march), which is a tad ambitious but I can hope!

The first thing I've wanted for a while are the 'Boots - 200 Clear Nails', I've wanted them since 'BroganTatexo' told us about them on her channel! I usually have acrylic nails on which I do myself but they do take a long time to do and they can chip after a while and filling them in gets a bit tedious. So when she told us about these I thought they looked brilliant and they would be a lot easier than the acrylics!

The next thing is a tanning mit....but its no normal tanning mit! :L Its one that can reach your back!! I found this utterly amazing when I discovered it! When tanning I either leave my back or ask my mum to do it which is quite annoying so it would be great to be able to do it myself! :)

I've also been wanting some heated rollers, I love the kind of curls that they make and I want curls to look softer!

I've also been wanting a tangle teezer, I've seen a lot of Bloggers and YouTubers mentioning that they have purchased this and I think it looks brilliant. Sometimes my extensions do get quite knotty and I don't like tugging on them with a brush because its obviously not good for them so I think this would be a better alternative :)

So you probably know that Nicki Minaj has a range with OPI and the colours look absolutely amazing! I want them all, except the pinky purply one.

MAC has also re-released their Tendertones in a new collection and I am soooooo happy! I only started liking the Tendertones just as they were getting rid of them! So I am so glad that they are back again!

I also want the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I know this product is quite old but I still haven't got it, but I've watched tutorials and reviews of it and I want it so badly! The colours look lovely and they are the kind of tones that I love!

More Nicki Minaj, you're probably thinking I'm obsessed with her or something, I'm not but I love all the ranges she is bringing out with companies! So it is the Viva Glam Lipstick in 'Bright Yellow Pink'.

Next is Benefits 'Porefessional', with my new skincare routine I don't get many spots but I do get one or two every now and again and they don't look very flattering underneath make up, so anything that minimizes them would be brilliant!

The next two things are the Real Techniques Make Up Brushes, the ones I wanted are the stippling brush and the blush brush.

And finally I have been looking for a liquid eyeliner, I usually use gel liners but I want to try something new! So I'm hopefully going to get the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner.

And that's everything, I hope you enjoyed this post! Byee!!


  1. deffo get the boots nails, I love them!! I used to do my own acrylics but its sooooooooooo much easier and cheaper to get these xxx

    1. I'm going to, I need them so badly now! :L Everyone recommends them and I keep forgetting to get them! :L xxx

    2. I went for some more today but they didn't have any. :(

      Nail varnish does not come off them! Doesn't chip what so ever!xx

    3. They sound so good! I've decided, im dedicating time tomorrow to go and get them! :L xx


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